Precinct Memphis - Cop Tales

Precinct Memphis – Cop Tales

These misadventures of Memphis’ all-too-human cops rip the scabs off police work and lay a knot of questions bare to the light of day. Take a vicarious tour, bringing you as close as you will get to becoming a cop, without donning a badge and gun and hitting the streets to solve the world’s problems.

THE KILLER: A thin line lies between killing and murder.NIGHTFALL OVER GRACELAND: At Elvis’s funeral, a cop enchants a woman he wishes he’d never met.
SPECTRAL ABSOLUTION: A paranormal mystery. Can murder occur from beyond the grave?
THE COP’S NUDE WIFE: When a cop’s wily wife schemes to compete with her husband’s untamed street life, what can go wrong?SUFFER AND LET SUFFER: Why do officers commit suicide? “I’m not well. I wish I could vomit the Mississippi River.CHRISTMAS ON THE CANNONBALL: An odd Father Christmas trumps a cop’s jurisdiction.

… And many more.


Ernest Lancaster’s fiction is based upon his time at the Memphis Police Department, from a rookie grunt on the night beat to his retiring rank of Captain. For twenty-six years, he served as a long-range marksman with the TACT squad, where he also assisted the Secret Service with Presidential-protection details.